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Comac produces a complete line of industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners for the professionals, the industry or businesses. Easy to handle, polyvalent, powerful and quiet, Comac vacuum cleaners are the ideal equipment to vacuum and sanitise places.

All industrial Comac vacuum cleaners are mobile and capable of sucking in either small or large amounts of liquid and solid materials. They have been designed for particularly taxing operations as well, allowing the intake material to be quickly emptied.

Easy to handle, polyvalent, powerful and quiet, with single or three-phase power supply, these vacuum cleaners are the ideal equipment for sucking in dusts, solids or liquids in every situation and environment. They are ideal for the cleaning of places such as mechanical workshops, foundries, brickworks, bakeries, car washes, and chemical and textile factories. The vast range of accessories allows you to customise each single vacuum cleaner, adapting it to even the most difficult suction needs. A single-phase vacuum cleaner is preferred for intermittent suction, for continuous suction of heavier dirt, or where greater power is necessary in order to reduce work times, the use of a three-phase model is recommended.

Comac also offers a range of commercial-type professional vacuum cleaners. These are ideal for the suction and sanitation in medical and hotel environments and everywhere high-quality suction results are required.