Comac models ensure a deep cleaning of surfaces, and a perfect drying with just one pass. As a consequence stores and supermarkets can be cleaned even when consumers are inside, avoiding slippery risks, also thanks to the use of the proper detergent quantity ensured by CDS dosing system and to the powerful vacuum.

Australia get ready to see the full range of Comac machinery like you never seen before

The value of time

Thanks to the technical solutions, materials and processes adopted, Comac machines are recognised on the market as products keeping a high value over time, even if used heavily during their life cycle. The Comac product is a synonym for reliability.



Whatever your indoor or outdoor floor cleaning needs, you'll always find a Comac machine right for you. A rich array of models satisfying the most varied cleaning needs. Comac has always been a global supplier to the cleaning professional, a user both skilled and demanding who has always seen in Comac a perfect partner to work with greatest competence.