Walk Behind

Ride On

Scrubbing Machines

Comac produces a complete range of professional scrubbing machines capable of cleaning either very small surfaces (500 sqm) or very large ones (over 12,000 sqm).

The experience and specialisation built up in more than 30 years of activity have allowed Comac to develop very innovative machines such as the small, revolutionary Vispa 35, ideal for cleaning very small surfaces (500-1,000 sqm), favouring the mechanisation of cleaning operations also in this segment by replacing traditional manual systems such as the use of mops.

For the cleaning of surfaces from 1,000 to 4,000 sqm, Comac's product range includes the walk-behind scrubbing machines

Abila, Simpla, Media and Omnia, suitable for both maintenance and in-depth cleaning. For the cleaning of much larger surfaces (over 4,000 sqm) and heavy cleaning, Comac makes available a comprehensive range of ride-on scrubbing machines.

The larger models, such as Ultra and C130, are ideal to clean up very large surfaces and may be used in places such as airports or large shopping centres.