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Antea 50 Orbital


Antea is a walk behind scrubbing machine, battery powered, offering high performances for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning of floors up to 2000m2.

Antea stands out for its new design that provides reliability and sturdiness. Such qualities are granted also by innovative choices, like the use of a pressure die-cast aluminium squeegee mount and machine frame. The operator will find the machine very easy to use and to manoeuvre. Its compact size makes it an ideal model for several sectors: healthcare, hospitality, large-scale retailing, automotive and public institutes.

• Intuitive drive, with few and easy controls
• Versatility, thanks to the compact size it is ideal to meet the cleaning needs of several sectors
• Full accessibility to components for easier maintenance
• Energy saving and silent operation < 66 dB (A), thanks to Eco device
• Control of water and detergent consumption with CDS system (optional)
• Reliability over time and sturdiness are guaranteed by the new design and the new pressure die-cast aluminium frame

Antea 50 OBT Orbital

Working capacity

2000 m²/h

Rectangular Pad

350 x 500 mm

Working width

500 mm

Width with squeegee

705 mm

Brush Pressure

20 kg

Solution Tank

40 |

Recovery Tank

60 I

Power supply

Battery (24V)

Dimensions mm

L1175 x H 995 x W 595


90 kg


Eco device
Only one button to reduce energy consumption and noise level. It is an ideal working setting for maintenance cleaning and to use the machine in sensitive or frequented environments.

CDS - Separate water and detergent management
Traction versions can be equipped upon request of CDS (Comac Dosing System) for the separate management of water and detergent, that allows to increase or reduce their flow according to the type of dirt to clean, thus avoiding wastes. It reduces cleaning solution consumption by up to 50%.

Ready to work within few minutes
The hose for the solution tank filling can be connected directly to any water tap, giving the possibility to supply the machine everywhere.

On board battery charger for both normal and gel batteries (optional)
The on board battery charger makes recharging easier and quicker

Proper daily maintenance keeps cleaning performance constant over time
Yellow color-code identifies the parts involved in daily maintenance. At the end of the shift the operator can easily and quickly find what parts have to be sanitized, without wasting time.

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